Our Products

Our company provides newly sawn hardwood, such as oak, hornbeam, ash and beech according to customer’s specification. The converted timber is presented in natural humidity. Our wood is of the 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd- rate. We also offer the cleaving hardwood for sale, as well as technological one.

We offer dry hardwood after artificial drying (8-11% of humidity).

Our company produces newly sawn pine wood (timber, edged board, lath) such as pine, deal and spruce according to client’s specification. We use Antiblu™ Select protection of pine wood on the customer’s request.

We also provide round logs, as well as sets of houses from round logs for individual orders. The logs are of natural humidity.

The company offers lumber from aspen and alder of natural humidity, as well as molded products (flooring, plinth, profiled products) from pine after artificial drying. We have an opportunity to produce glued beams and curved laminated beams for house building on the individual customer preferences.

It is possible to provide you with such wood species as maple, poplar, alder and birch if preliminarily ordered.

Our wood is produced in Ukraine, Eastern Europe.